asparagus peeking out of the grass

Campfire Content Pivots Towards Planet Healers, Earth Protectors

Boulder Content Marketing and PR firm shifts focus towards companies in industries working towards meaningful sustainability goals that make a difference

Earth burns. Plastic clogs oceans and waterways, and kills sea life. Companies poison soil, eliminate habitat and wipe-out wildlife, for the sake of minerals.

The status quo for humans, the species ravaging the world’s natural resources, no longer is acceptable. It is only within our power to nurture the planet back to health.

Compelling Stories and strong leadership.

Campfire Content began with a more general approach towards industries and clients. We set the bar high, but it was straightforward: We worked with clients that offered compelling stories and strong leadership teams.

But today, Campfire shifts its focus. We now engage with companies actively seeking solutions to our myriad human-caused problems, such as plastic waste, soil destruction and climate change. We also consider working with companies that tread lightly on earth, and include vigorous promotion of sustainability within their corporate cultures. 

“Not only is life short, but it increasingly appears that life on earth is short. We don’t have time to devote toil towards companies and people that are adding to the world’s most urgent problems.
* * *
Now is the time to work with visionaries and teams that not only understand the world’s dramatic parade of crises, but work to mitigate if not eliminate them.”

~ Douglas Brown, Campfire Content Founder and President
asparagus peeking out of the grass
Young Asparagus growing in our clients farm-to-table farm in Colorado.

Among other things, Campfire enjoys a professional relationship with the most ambitious farm-to-table operation in the United States, a certified USDA organic Boulder, Colorado farm that includes three restaurants and a farm stand. We work with a Colorado distillery that began the first commercial bottle-reuse program in the United States for spirits. 

Our clients include a Denver law firm that helps farmers navigate complex legal landscapes, a California company creating compostable pods full of shampoo, conditioner and soap powder for hotels (to replace the dreadful plastic hotel amenities) and a California company helping to not only start organic cotton farms across India, but to find markets for the farmers’ cotton. We work with the state’s first biodynamic winery, and a cidery that makes organic and biodynamic cider. One of our clients sources artisan teas from across Asia, including many organic teas, and sells them in stores up and down Colorado’s Front Range, as well as online.

Stories are made.

“We champion our clients work, and will continue to seek companies and people investing in our planet’s future, rather than just today’s bottom line,” said Douglas.

“As seas rise, climate grows wildly volatile, wildfires erupt and whales wash up on beaches with bellies full of plastic waste, the natural response is despair. And we feel this every day. But people around the world are meeting today’s difficult challenges, with ingenuity, grit and vision. We look forward to helping them shape and broadcast to the world their important stories.”

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