Storytelling is the backbone of Campfire Content

Storytelling: Our Ku Cha House of Tea Blog

Campfire Content crafts content for a wide range of clients, including Ku Cha House of Tea, the largest importer of artisan teas in the Rocky Mountain West. Many of our blogs since March touch on COVID-19, including this one. Here, we explore how tea has fortified meditators for centuries, and how meditation can serve as a balm during tough times. The piece, like all of our Ku Cha blogs, offers rich storytelling.

With the mighty Ku Cha, our goals stretch beyond offering powerful stories. Each blog is designed to sell tea. Accomplishing the goal requires storytelling powerful enough to carry readers to the end.

Simultaneously nailing rich storytelling and sales isn’t easy. We thread that narrow needle every week for Ku Cha.

We are professional writers. The difference between our work and much of what is offered by “content” companies is stark. Our commitment to quality includes deep research, careful image selection, close attention to SEO and painstaking toil crafting those all-important words.

Campfire normally creates everything for clients, from storytelling to images to building the content on WordPress, launching it, and promoting it through social channels.

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