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Campfire Content is a professional content marketing and public relations firm that focuses on companies and people involved with sustainability, food, beverages and cannabis. 

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Our Services Include

Public Relations - Content Marketing - SEO - Social Media

Public Relations

Content Marketing

Working closely with company principals to understand the company’s myriad stories, from its origin stories to stories about its growth, its trajectory and its mission.

Based on our firm grasp of the company goals, culture and stories, we craft myriad kinds of content.


Social Media


Campfire’s founder, Douglas Brown, spent more than 15 years as a reporter writing about food for different publications. His coverage revolved around agriculture. Around trends. Around personalities and artisans, struggles and triumphs.

As a public relations and content marketing professional, Doug has represented a range of clients, including the most ambitious farm-to-table operation in the United States — Black Cat Farm, a USDA Certified Organic farm that supports two restaurants. Food is a central passion for Campfire Content.

Plastic clogs waterways and kills wildlife. Companies destroy natural resources to make products. The planet burns.

Business as usual? Catastrophe.

Working with clients toiling to mitigate their footprints, to enrich life on earth, stands as a central goal for Campfire Content.

We work with Colorado’s first biodynamic winery, as well as a distillery that launched the first commercial bottle reuse program in the United States. We represent a California company offering hotel chains guest amenities like soap, shampoo and conditioner in compostable packaging. We count as one of our clients a California company with deep roots in India that supports organic cotton farming across the country. This work literally saves lives and revitalizes soil, as cotton is the most sprayed agricultural product in the world.

From a biodynamic winery, to artisan spirits and cideries, to a company that crafted the world’s first high-proof Irish Cream, Campfire Content engages constantly with the world of adult beverages. 

The care, savvy and creativity that goes into conjuring exquisite brandy, swoon-worthy beer or beguiling wine thrills Campfire in the extreme. We fully embrace the powerful, transformative pleasures of the table, from food to tableware to adult beverages. 

Read more on our blog ‘Drinking with Doug’.

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