Campfire Content works closely with people and companies involved with sustainability, food, health, beverages and cannabis.

As a content marketing and public relations firm, we devote most of our creative talents and energies towards two broad spheres of work: engaging with media, including print, television, radio and online; and content creation, including website copy, blogs, op-eds, bylined articles, speeches and presentations and more.

We first work closely with clients to understand their colorful, compelling stories. As longtime journalists, this comes naturally to us. We then shape the stories, and nurture and fortify them. The goal, always: for the stories to dig deep roots, grow branches and flourish.



Doug Brown profile picture

Douglas spent more than two decades writing about everything from the White House (surprisingly dull) to crime in New Mexico (unsurprisingly lively) to food (mmm) before pivoting away from full-time newspaper and magazine work. Now in addition to his pay-the-bills toil he freelances for a variety of publications, mostly about wine (*hic*). He’s luckily married to Annie and also with immense luck the father of two daughters, Stella and Ruby. And he’s a “trail runner,” which really means he hikes up and runs down and then has a cold pilsner.

Among other things, he was the Washington Bureau Chief for two leading technology magazines, wrote about food for a large newspaper for a decade, helped launch several blogs (including the Mountain West’s first blog dedicated to beer and spirits) for a large newspaper, and published and wrote a book about sex that landed me three appearances on the TODAY show (and a movie deal) as well as hundreds of radio and other television appearances.

Our Happy Clients

“What we do is complicated, and dense with story. Understanding it all and then communicating it in compelling ways to audiences that know nothing about agriculture and professional kitchens is challenging.

But Doug fully gets it. He’s been with us since 2013, and is an invaluable part of the team.”

Eric Skokan

Black Cat Bistro, Bramble & Hare, Black Cat Farm

“When we launched the first zero-waste spirits program in the United States, we tapped Doug to handle the PR.

And soon, we were in the New York Times, Food & Wine, 5280 and other publications. We have worked with Doug for years, and treasure his savvy with words and media.”

Lance Hanson

Jack Rabbit Hill Winery, New Avalon Cidery, CapRock Distillers

Campfire Content has been vital for Ku Cha. Among many other things, Campfire has filled our blog with bright, engaging content every week. The powerful writing, WordPress fluency and SEO savvy leads to increased sales, which we can track. People read the blog, and then buy the featured teas.

In addition, the company has garnered Ku Cha quite a bit of excellent press. And its work during COVID was essential.

Rong Pan

Ku Cha House of Tea's Co-Founder

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