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Campfire Content Launches Letter From the Forest Newsletter

Content marketing and PR firm with deep roots in journalism explores #sustainability, #climate, #zerowaste issues with Substack

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Boulder, CO — February 2, 2021 — Campfire Content, a Boulder content marketing and public relations firm working in circular economy and sustainable fields, today announces Letter From the Forest, a Substack newsletter exploring urgent environmental, climate and #zerowaste issues.

Letter From the Forest offers its own reporting about efforts focused on mitigating environmental footprints and encouraging healthier ways for humans to thrive on Earth. The newsletter also engages with news analysis, spotlights superb nature writing, and delivers tips about fresh and essential resources for treading lightly, including recipes for DIY household products and plant-based meals.

“Forests first enchanted me decades ago, as I tromped around the woods behind my house in what then was semi-rural Pennsylvania,” says Campfire Content founder Douglas Brown. “I remain under their spell. I launched Letter From the Forest to report on the myriad forces undermining the health of our natural world, including my beloved forests. Great nature writing inspires me, and we will showcase that as well. And I want LFTF to give people solutions, too.”

As the Biden administration and Congress begin addressing everything from starting a Civilian Climate Corps to EV policy to protecting Alaska’s majestic Tongass National Forest — Earth’s largest intact temperate rainforest — Letter From the Forest will stay on top of the latest developments. The newsletter also tracks important new state and regional policies, and tracks breakthroughs in relevant science.

“I spent nearly 25 years in daily newspaper and magazine newsrooms. I cherish the work journalists around the world perform every day,” says Douglas. “My role as founder of Campfire Content now revolves more around advocacy. I see LFTF as a little of both — news reporting, opinionated analysis, feature writing and practical tips and recipes. Welcome to the forest.”

Letter From the Forest is open to pitches about companies, people and efforts working to heal and improve conditions for all life on earth. 

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