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Content marketing for forests

Campfire Content Launches Letter From the Forest Newsletter

Content marketing and PR firm with deep roots in journalism explores #sustainability, #climate, #zerowaste issues with Substack For Immediate Release Boulder, CO — February 2, 2021 — Campfire Content, a Boulder content marketing and public relations firm working in circular economy and sustainable fields, today announces Letter From the Forest, a Substack newsletter exploring urgent environmental, climate and

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Psilocybin is being decriminalized

The Rodman Law Group Digs Deep With Enthneogenic Plant Medicine

We didn’t know that all CBD products are illegal. Bet you didn’t either. Did we grasp intricacies of investment law prior to working with The Rodman Law Group? We understood approximately nada about investment law. But now, thanks to the team of law savants at Rodman, we picked up a bit and find it fascinating. 

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Storytelling and organic farming

Storytelling: Black Cat Organic Farm

When we pivoted from news reporting to public relations nearly seven years ago, good fortune immediately blossomed. The most ambitious farm-to-table operation in the United States, Black Cat, hired our firm. We still work closely with Black Cat, handling all of the operation’s marketing and communications, from social media to press outreach to writing blogs

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Mouthwash DIY is baking soda, water and essential oils

Do You Really Want Nanoplastics in Your Mouthwash? DIY it!

So many of the things that we buy as “toiletries” revolve around making us feel fresh and sparkly and effervescent. Thus, the emphasis on peppermint, and dirt-fighting soap. Mouthwash fits squarely into the desire for “fresh and sparkly,” and most commercial mouthwashes leverage mint or other flavors that seem to parallel mint for the fresh

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