Jun 17, 2011

Campfire Content

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Are you looking for the kind of conversational content you might hear around a campfire on a cool evening with a group of good friends?  The kind of real, memorable and repeatable content that quietly grows within the visitors long after they've left your site?  The kind of content your visitors are likely to pass on to their friends with links, emails, chatting, networking, texting, and even around the campfire?  And, what better way is there, than good old word-of-mouth advertising?

Campfire Content is the place to get it! Campfire Content  digital content is top quality, web and reader friendly, inspirational, thought-provoking, unique, original, and even fun!

At Campfire Content, we furnish only top-quality, topic-relative content. Keyword-rich, interesting, conversational and very readable written content; to keep your site visitors' attention longer; to help create a longer lasting impression of your web sites, your products or services, or whatever you are offering.

Campfire Content articles are written from actual experience and in-depth knowledge held by the authors, along with careful online research, to ensure our content is accurate, up to date, interesting, and complete.
We seek to provide only truthful and fact-supported current material.

We are very aware of the way Internet information can be flawed, and even completely untrue in some cases. Thus, accuracy is of prime importance at Campfire Content!

Accurate Internet research involves reviewing a variety of topic-related resources, experimenting with different search techniques, to ensure completeness of information.

It sometimes becomes difficult to know what is the truth? At Campfire Content, we take the steps necessary to ensure our content delivery is on topic and well researched, to formulate and generate concise, easy to read, web friendly, accurate, and interesting content for just about any topic (some restrictions do apply).

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Here's what we offer:
  • Written articles - any length - nearly any topic - complete, accurate, timely, original, unique. Also includes essays, short stories, humorous anecdotes, and more.
  • Graphic design - company logos, banner images, ads, posters - creative, unique, theme-oriented, attractive.
  • Music - for website background, or even MP3 downloads - all original, all unique, easy-listening, peaceful.
  • Poetry, song lyrics - thought inspiring, unique, original.
  • Instructional how-to guides - wide variety of topic areas already covered, custom how-to guides, as requested.
  • E-books - writing, compiling and creating; pdf format.
  • And so much more!

Use the "Estimate Request Form" located in the sidebar to get a timely quote returned via your e-mail address.

All Campfire Content materials are offered as online-availability only; that is, strictly uploadable/downloadable digital content. At Campfire Content, we wish to save as many trees as we can, so we do not process any hard-copy content items or materials.

If your sites need the back-to-basics approach, please use the "Estimate Request Form" to let us know what your required topics and other details are.

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Articles or other written content: 
    • Word length requirements
    • Audience age levels
    • Need for graphics, music, other materials.
  • Graphic designs:  
    • Themes, colors, sizes, dimensions, topics, other.
  • Music:  
    • Style, tempo, genre 
    • Need for lyrics 
    • Other factors.
Meanwhile, please feel free to review some of our online examples of Campfire Content materials, and be sure to visit some of our online Campfire Content stores through links given on this page. 

Have-a-look at all the fun stuff we offer!

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